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Birthdate:May 23
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
--- listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go

-- E. E. Cummings

Confused by the name? see here.

my life goal is to live, love, and just be content. I'm not what you'd call ambitious.

I believe in equality, that nature is a powerful force, that homosexuals should be given the right to marry, that there is no good or evil, and that little children are gross.

I am incredibly geeky. Like... ridiculously. I scare my friends. And myself :P

I am from the T-Dot, but am going to school at UBC, majoring in Honours English, and minoring in Medieval Studies, because I enjoy making my life unnecessarily difficult (and because medieval profs are hot).

My interests have been edited to show support for what's been going on at livejournal recently. A really eloquent essay about it is here.

Here's the list, for those curious: a pyromaniacs love story, all-day breakfast, amélie, anime, art, benny and joon, beta, bohemia, boys, caddying, caffeine, cards, chatting, cheese, classics, clone high, comics, computers, consoles, conventions, curvy girls, dmci, dorkiness, editing, empire records, english honors, fred astaire, friends, fruits basket, games, geekiness, girls, gum, haibane renmei, huggles, inpromptu sing-alongs, insanity, invader zim, jon stewart, jrock, kathleen hannah, kekko kamen, kurt vonnegut, label makers, libraries, love, manga, margaret cho, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, nerdiness, newfoundland, novels, oscar wilde, painting, people, pirates, queer as folk, queer theory, rain, rare birds, reading, rent, rock, roleplaying, science, scrubs, shakespeare, shanties, shoujo-ai, sinatra, swings, the 80s, the bloor cinema, the daily show, thunderstorms, typewriters, violas, violists, webcomics, writing, yuri, zines

Want to talk books? Check out my

As for everything else, well, you'll have to get to know me better ^_~
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